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Wireless Cellular Extenders
 Indoor and Outdoor Cellular Extenders
zBoost offer a varitey of Cellular boosters for home and office use. The Wi-Ex zBoost cell zone signal booster is a revolutionary, patent-pending new product that improves indoor cell phone coverage. zBoost captures the wireless signal outside, brings it inside and enhances, or boosts it Extending a Cell Zone in your home or office or your car. With a zBoost you can: Decrease dropped or missed calls, Save money and drop your landline, Receive important calls INSIDE, Increase employee productivity they can stay at their desk instead of running to the window or outside to talk on your cell, Improve your battery life of your phone, Increase coverage up to 10,000 sq ft with optional antenna, zBoost also extends Cell Zones, so you can use your phone or PDA with all the new applications which require a stronger signal.
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Ship times may vary, on when order is placed and shipping destination. International orders add 1 - 5 days.
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